Penny Mobil y Yes!  Recarga en el móvil: eso ahora está cambiando con las tarifas prepagas

Penny Mobil and Yes! Mobile recharge: that is now changing with prepaid rates

Penny Mobil Rewe Rates Mobile Clients and Yes! mobil get an update this summer. At GIGA you can find out when you, as a new or existing customer, will benefit from the new features on the Internet.

Penny Mobil and yes! mobile: LTE network is now on for everyone

So far only new customers of Rewe’s mobile brands, Penny Mobil and ha! Browse the LTE network from your mobile device. Existing customers can now also benefit from faster data speeds when using web browsers, email, YouTube, and company. At prepaid rates, all customers can now surf at speeds of up to 25 Mbit / s. Previously, Congstar, whom both Penny Mobil and ha! mobile when it comes to infrastructure, the LTE network kicks in for new and existing customers.

At Penny Mobil and yes! mobile there are other innovations that have a particular effect on the voice quality when making calls: in the course of the rate change, in the future customers will also be able to use Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and WLAN Call technologies, provided they have a smartphone that has these features supported.

Germany will soon disconnect the 3G network:

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and WLAN-Call from July 20 on Penny and yes!

Starting July 20, new customers of Penny Mobil’s prepaid rates ha! Mobile phones use the Voice over LTE and WLAN-Call services, reports the portal, among others. Existing customers apparently have to be patient until the end of August.

Rewe had restructured its prepaid mobile phone rates at the beginning of the year to remain competitive in the growing discount provider market: they wanted to catch up with competition from ALDI, in particular with new rates on the Telekom LTE network. For example, yes! mobil currently offers various rates between just under 5 and just under 20 euros, offering up to 7 GB on the LTE network at a maximum of 25 Mbit / s. More information on Rewe’s current prepaid rates can be found at GIGA.