Pflotsh: las aplicaciones meteorológicas de Kachelmann para Android

Pflotsh: Kachelmann’s weather apps for Android

Pflotsh: Kachelmann's weather apps for Android

When it comes to the weather, ask J. Kachelmann. Under a slightly different name, we find weather apps on the Play Store that are based on data from Kachelmann.

Jörg Kachelmann has had a bad situation in the recent past, but aside from the Yellowpress headlines, the former meteorologist still does an excellent job from the first. When I check the weather with us, I look at Kachelmann’s website. Of course, I have quick access in the browser for this. For mobile devices, however, there are also apps for the convenient way to get the weather forecast. Just the name of these apps seems strange at first.

Pflots (c) h: sleet in Switzerland

For meteorological applications, Kachelmann works with software developers. Together they brought the Pflotsh suite of apps to the app stores. There are different Android apps that meet different needs. Pflotsh Sail is suitable, for example, for sailors and seafarers. Pflotsh Tropical, on the other hand, specializes in tropical weather phenomena. Sun worshipers use Pflotsh Sun. According to the company, the Pflotsh Storm and SuperHD applications are the most interesting applications for Europeans.

Pflotsh SuperHD

“Finally the first weather app that shows what you know and what you don’t know: the best Central European models in the forecast location by location to compare and the best SuperHD model on the map screen with many parameters you need for the planning. The perfect complement to the “Storm” application. “

Pflotsh Storm

“The ideal application for rainfall and storms. With real-time radar data on rainfall, storm tracking, lightning and hail. High resolution precipitation forecasts up to 24 hours. Archive data for all measured values, including rays. Everything for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Principality of Liechtenstein, South Tyrol and Luxembourg ”.

You can also find all other Pflotsh apps directly on the Google Play Store.