Pharrell Williams: Por eso le gusta rodearse de mujeres

Pharrell Williams: That’s why he likes to surround himself with women

Honest and real

wantedon 01/21/2015 | 15:59

His album is called “GIRL”, he has been married to model Helen Lasichanh for two years and also prefers to surround himself with beautiful women in his videos. For what reason Pharrell Williams supports the ladies of the world at every opportunity, the superstar now revealed in the “GQ” interview…

Will 2015 be as “happy” for Pharrell Williams as 2014? At least the successful singer will appear on the cover of the February issue of the US magazine “GQ.” So a good start has already been made. However, Pharrell Williams not only has a good figure on the cover, he also we can only subscribe to their views on the female sex.

Pharrell Williams would love to hug all women at once

When asked why Pharrell Williams prefers to surround himself with women, the star producer responded in the “GQ” interview: “I am a sensitive person, so I want to be with other sensitive people too. Women often choose a more honest way to express themselves, and that automatically means being more honest.. ” Listen, listen! So the female world brings out the best in Pharrell Williams!

Pharrell Williams has a message

And the authenticity that Pharrell Williams embodies is welcomed. The 41-year-old singer has lived in a scandal-free relationship for years and has hit after hit with his music. Why? Because people buy your message. On the way up, Pharrell Williams only listens to his guts. This is your way of expressing yourself as an artistAs he revealed in an interview with “GQ”: “Do you want to be camouflage? Let’s go. Mix. But we want to be the brightness of the sky. You may not be able to see the stars right away. But wait until it’s night! ”

Although Pharrell Williams is one of the most successful musicians in the world, he has always kept his feet on the ground. And to whom does he owe that? Sure, women …

Image source: gettyimages / Alexander Tamargo