Philips DiamondClean: electric toothbrushes with sound technology

Philips DiamondClean: electric toothbrushes with sound technology

Philips DiamondClean: electric toothbrushes with sound technology

Sonic electric toothbrushes like Philips DiamondClean do not clean teeth by moving them back and forth like conventional electric toothbrushes. Instead, they work by vibrating the brush head with small vibrations. Since it is not necessary to exert great pressure on the teeth, the risk of damaging the tooth enamel is reduced. The gums are also spared with a sonic toothbrush. When cleaning, typical cleaning movements do not have to be performed with as much precision and with less pressure. Just move the brush head over your teeth.

The highlights of the DiamondClean range

The Philips HX9392 is part of the Philips DiamondClean range. The Sonic Electric Toothbrush comes with 5 programs for optimal daily dental care. In addition to a normal and sensitive mode for everyday use, there is a “deep cleaning” mode for a deeper and longer tooth cleaning. In addition, there are special modes available for whiter teeth or more sensitive gums.

The five modes at a glance:

  • Clean: for daily dental cleaning (duration 2 minutes)
  • Sensitive: gentler cleaning due to lower vibration frequency (duration 2 minutes)
  • Deep Clean: different vibration frequency and longer duration for a particularly deep cleaning (duration 3 minutes)
  • Gum care: normal cleaning program followed by a 1 minute massage cycle to clean the gums (duration 3 minutes)
  • White: normal cleaning program followed by a 30 second polishing program (duration 2:30 minutes)

A charging station and a charging cup are included to charge the toothbrush. This charging cup can be placed on the charging station. You can put the toothbrush in a glass as usual and it will charge wirelessly.

The MediaMarkt offering includes two handpieces in different colors and the matching brush heads for € 177 instead of € 319. Compared to the next cheapest offer, you can save more than 70 euros, please confirm our price comparison. A charging cup and charging station are also included.

Even individual packages were significantly reduced

If you only need a toothbrush, this is also currently available from MediaMarkt at a greatly reduced price. With the individual packages there is a free travel case with integrated charging function.

The application for the toothbrush

The HX9903 toothbrush from the Philips DiamondClean range has a Bluetooth connection. This allows you to connect the toothbrush to your smartphone and use the Sonicare app.

The app shows missing points during cleaning and alerts you if too much pressure is applied during cleaning. This protects the gums. The latter does not even require a smartphone connection. The toothbrush will gently vibrate if you apply too much pressure. In addition, the models with connection to an application have an intelligent recognition of the brush head. This recognizes which brush head is connected and automatically selects the correct program. The toothbrush also calculates when to change the brush head from the period of use and the pressure exerted when brushing and indicates this.

60 day money back guarantee

Still not sure if an electric toothbrush with sonic technology is right for you? Philips grants a 60 day money back guarantee on all toothbrushes featured here. This means that if you are not satisfied with your new toothbrush in the first two months, you can send it back to Philips along with the receipt and they will refund the full purchase price. You can find more details about the promotion directly from Philips.

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