Störung bei Vodafone

Phone malfunction in Vodafone: that was the reason

Störung bei Vodafone

Between 5:25 pm and 11:32 pm, Vodafone’s cable connections were interrupted. Vodafone confirmed it to us this morning. Customers who want to use this line for phone calls only receive a busy signal when they want to make an outgoing phone call. Even if you’re a Vodafone customer on cable and someone tried to call you, your phone probably didn’t ring. The interlocutor cannot be reached, it was said from the cell phone network. According to Vodafone, 80,000 customers were affected by the outage.

According to official information, it was telephony via cable connections and only in the former Vodafone-Kabel-Deutschland area. Vodafone informed us that connections in the Unitymedia area were not affected. Vodafone recently took over the cable network from Unitymedia. Here, however, the network migration has not progressed so far that the outage would have affected these clients. There were also no problems with internet and TV reception.

That was the reason for the interruption at Vodafone

A router responsible for telephony on the cable network was faulty. Technicians had successfully mastered repairing this router that night, so the malfunction was eliminated shortly before the end of the day. The device did not have to be replaced.

The fault hotline was not available

By the way, customers who wanted to report the malfunction to their provider also had no chance: “Unfortunately, the malfunction hotline is currently not available,” Vodafone said at 7:12 pm.

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According to its own information, Vodafone already supplies 10.9 million households with broadband speeds in the 1 gigabit per second range. It’s about the technical scope, not the really reserved connections. A total of 23.9 million households can reserve Internet connections with at least 200 Mbit / s. In fact, 3.863 million customers had recently booked Vodafone wired Internet lines, most of them probably with a dial-up connection.