Piercing Madonna: marca de belleza como joyería

Piercing Madonna: beauty brand as jewelry

Piercing Madonna: beauty brand as jewelry

Lip piercing

Depending on how it is placed on the body, each piercing has its own name. With some types of piercings, the origin of the name is not self-explanatory. The Monroe, Chrome Crawford or Madonna piercing, on the other hand, is named after famous beauty brand users on the side of the upper lip. Because the piercing stud placed there looks like a beauty mark in the form of jewelry. We have investigated the question for you, what really makes this place so attractive. Also, of course, we will show you what to keep in mind when getting a Madonna piercing and how you can wear it in the most beautiful way.

While lower lip piercings were more popular for a long time, lately it has been preferred to wear piercings over the upper lip, as well as the medusa or jestrum piercing. While they are all lip piercings, the location makes a big difference. With a gemstone on the side of the upper lip, we have to think directly of a beauty brand, as the images of Hollywood icons have been burned into our cultural memory over the years.

If you are not naturally blessed with a beauty mark, you can paint it or just pierce it!

The allure of the beauty brand

We primarily associate the beauty brand with the beauty icon Marilyn Monroe.

For some they are an annoying flaw, for others an enviable feature of appeal. Beauty marks are usually moles on the face of women. Since a birthmark is declared, a beauty mark is, of course, completely subjective. The beauty brand became particularly popular thanks to the beauty icon: Marilyn Monroe. Her birthmark left on her upper lip became an integral part of her appearance and shouldn’t be missing from any Marilyn look-alike today. In the 80s, Madonna was also known with a striking beauty mark right above her lip. Ever since she flirted with the Monroes look for a long time, it was long rumored that Madonna’s mole was only painted on. Officially, however, it is said that in the early 1990s the Queen of Pop’s birthmark was surgically removed. Besides Madonna and Marilyn, many other models, actresses and singers have become known for their beauty brand . Cindy Crawford, Blake Lively, Mariah Carey and Eva Mendes have never had facial moles removed and wear them proudly as their trademark.

The beauty brand also became the trademark of Cindy Crawford.

The distinctive spots on the face are so attractive to many people that they paint or paste them if they do not have them by nature. And this is by no means a new beauty trend! As early as the 17th century, upper-class French circles had a brand of beauty attached known as a mouche. The small dark spot should create the greatest possible contrast between light and dark with the powdery white complexion. This was considered particularly elegant and therefore became a status symbol. But the mouches were much more than that! Depending on where on the face or cleavage they were worn, they were considered to carry messages for initiates. With a beauty mark at the corner of her mouth, a woman announced that she liked to kiss. The lip beauty mark, on the other hand, was considered particularly flirty.

You have to consider this with a Madonna piercing

In Germany, each piercing done on the side of the upper lip is generally called a Madonna piercing. Sometimes, however, a distinction is also made based on which side you are on. Strictly speaking, the piercing on the left is called Monroe and the one on the right is called Madonna piercing. If you even pierce it on both sides, it becomes an angel bite piercing, the upper lip version of the snake bite piercing, so to speak. The Madonna piercing has in common with other lip piercings that it heals relatively quickly due to the mucous membranes. However, there are many more muscles and nerves above the upper lip, which means that the Madonna piercing is often perceived as more painful than other lip piercings. Especially people with full lips and well developed labial muscles, such as wind musicians, will find this piercing painful. To prevent the inside of the piercing plug from scratching your teeth and gums, jewelry with a softer plastic rod can be inserted after it has healed. You can get these labret plugs made from Bioflex in different sizes from Amazon *. Since the piercing pierces through muscle tissue, it usually swells up a lot. Therefore, a longer rod is used at the beginning, which will stick out a little at the beginning.

How to wear Madonna’s piercing

Madonna’s piercing has become popular in recent years, especially through prominent wearers like Sugababes singer Mutya Buena and Amy Winehouse. But men like singer Travie McCoy also wear a Madonna piercing.

If you want to imitate the look of a real beauty brand with a Madonna piercing, you should wear a plug with a small black ball or hemisphere. With eyeliner, red lipstick and wavy hair, the Madonna or Monroe look is particularly authentic.

Madonna’s piercing also goes well with other body jewelry. Along with a septum retainer as shown here, it cuts a really good figure. For a harmonious appearance, you need to make sure to wear jewelry in the same color shades.

A Madonna piercing can be worn strikingly with a large rhinestone or, like here, quite naturally and discreetly. In this way the perfect look of a mole can be achieved without having to glue it on every day as was the case in the 17th century.

It is truly amazing how much the placement of a piercing matters and what meanings we attribute to them. Madonna’s piercing actually looks flirty and feminine because it reminds us of the great Hollywood icons. If you prefer centered facial piercings, the jestrum piercing or the discreet fringed tongue piercing may be something for you.

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