Pietro Lombardi se defiende de sus enemigos

Pietro Lombardi defends himself against his enemies

Pietro Lombardi defends himself against his enemies

Against the haters

wantedon 07/19/2015 | 09:32

In reality, Pietro Lombardi should be able to enjoy his time as a freshly baked father in peace with his wife and cute little son. But the DSDS winner really can’t seem to calm down after the last difficult days. The reason for this apparently is the people who call themselves Pietro Lombardi fans.

Snapshots of his loving wife Sarah with a stroller, photos of their cute little son Alessio: In the last days and weeks, the whole life of singer Pietro Lombardi revolved around the happiness of his young family, which he always shared with his fans on social networks. But, as is often the case, very private prints aren’t just about compliments and pleasant comments. To protect his family and put his enemies in their place, Pietro Lombardi has now decided to comment on the negative words of his alleged fans on Facebook.

Pietro Lombardi wants to protect his wife Sarah and their son Alessio

Especially during the difficult first days after the birth of their first child, Pietro Lombardi and his wife Sarah were able to count on the support of their fans., but many followers of the winner of DSDS commented very negatively on the health of the little Alessio. “I don’t think your parents taught you that and if they read it they would be very disappointed if you read that you wrote that the child can only get sick from such parents, please think about it. Pietro Lombardi takes a clear position.Pietro Lombardi shows respect to his enemiesBut while Pietro Lombardi had every reason to read the harsh riot act to his would-be fans, the singer has a much softer tone. “But I also wish them all the best, because I think they do it to attract attention and not because their heart means it too!”, Pietro Lombardi makes clear in his long post on Facebook. he still paid respect to his enemies despite many negative contributions.

Pietro Lombardi really shows greatness with his emotional publication to his critics. His wife Sarah and little Alessio can be very proud of their husband and dad, and Pietro is a true role model for their cute offspring.Image Source: Gettyimages / Oliver Hardt