Tunea tu computadora

Pimp your computer

Pimp your computer

1. Mouse and pad

Clicks Much Better Right Out: The USB Mouse (approx. 15 euros) fits comfortably in the hand and comes in four different colors. It doesn’t matter if you prefer it discreetly silver or bright pink. The matching mouse pad (approx. 9 euros) It’s readily available too, so the pad not only looks great, it’s also an antistatic cleaning cloth that you can use to gently clean your monitor.

2. Laptop slide

If you have a laptop, this comes “Lares laptop protective sleeve”(approx. 9 euros) Just fine. The special film is suitable for laptops up to 15.4 inches, it can be cut and removed without leaving any residue. Not only is your laptop perfectly styled, it’s also protected from scratches and scrapes.

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