Pellizcado y planchado: cómo encontrar el cepillo adecuado

Pinching and ironing: how to find the right brush

wantedon 03/28/2013 | 11:40

Do you have expensive shampoos in your wardrobe, do you buy various care products for the perfect shine of your hair, sun protection for the summer and hair oils for the winter? And yet your hair “flies” or pulls when you comb it? Well then you are probably using the wrong brush. We will tell you which brush or comb you should use for which hair and we will introduce you to our favorite products.

Do you admire celebrities with their perfect hair? Do you also wish that, like Eva Longoria and Kate Beckinsale, you appear to have beautiful hair without any issues that don’t fly or knot but shine beautifully and look healthy? So you certainly have an expensive hair care product or two on your bathroom cabinet. And yet, in addition to the right shampoos, sprays and oils, the right brush is also important. And most women forget. Because the choice of brush can also influence the final result. We will give you useful advice on this!

Natural bristles vs. the plastic

Natural bristles, especially boar bristles, are the best for your hair, that’s for sure. Natural hair bristles do not have seams or ridges that can damage the hair. This keeps the hair nice, soft and shiny. Natural bristles are also very similar to human hair, so they absorb styling products better and then transfer them to your hair. The boar bristles on your brush also massage your scalp and don’t stir up dandruff.

Plastic brushes straighten the cuticle and electrify the hair, which is why it literally stands on end for us. Also, the bristles can scratch and put uncomfortable tension on the scalp.

Long and smooth vs. attracted

If you have straight hair, we recommend the volume brushes. The round head of these hairbrushes is usually made of heat-sensitive materials and therefore stores heat. In addition, they are compensated with holes, allowing the warm foehn wind to slide through the hollow body. With this you get Hollywood fairground waves and a particularly good healthy glow.

With very long hair, there is often a risk that fine hairs will fly out after styling. Our tip: paddle brushes. The wide brush heads, tight bristles, and slightly curved brush surface do not unnecessarily load hair, but rather gently straighten it, counteract split ends, and let your hair shine in a healthy way.

You should always use a comb for curly hair. Especially damp hair is sensitive and not as stretchy so it breaks faster so be careful with curls anyway. Bristles with bristles too close together would only knot the hair and pull when combing. With a special curling iron, preferably made of wood, with large, wide bristles, you can easily cut through unruly mane and further define the curls.

Ion brush: yes or no?

The spirits still argue about this. With the ion brush, small particles of energy are emitted, which are supposed to neutralize the static charge of the hair through styling. The special specimens emit satin ions, which also regulate the moisture content of the hair by completely covering the hair and making it shine. The ion brush is really effective, the hair is pleasantly parted from each other, it looks healthy, and you won’t find any pull when styling. However, everyone should decide for themselves if it really always has to be the little mini power surge for their hair.

Take care of the brush too

Not only do you have to take care of your hair, the brush must also be cleaned; otherwise, sebum and dirt, for example from hairspray and gel, will continue to spread through the hair. Use a mild shampoo, also slightly diluted, to re-clean the brush so that your hair does not get more dirty.

100 strokes a day?

And we want to break a legend straight away: You don’t have to do the recommended 100 strokes every day. Combing your hair for a few minutes a day is enough to ventilate the hair and take the sebum to the places where it is most needed, for example at the ends that are usually dry. This prevents split ends and you still have time for a great hairstyle!

You can see which products are suitable, for example, in our photo display!