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Pink became a mom for the second time

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In the happiness of the mother

What a nice Christmas present. On Boxing Day, Pink gives birth to her young son and proudly presents her offspring on social media, quickly revealing what the boy should be called.

Pink spreads the good news on Instagram and Twitter: her second child was born on December 26. Overjoyed, she poses with the little son in the photo, who already has a small smile on his face. And Alecia Moore, as the singer’s real name is called, has even more to announce. She writes “Jameson Moon Hart 12/26/2016” on the photo and reveals not only the date of birth, but also the name of her descendant.

Another snapshot also shows the boy’s father, Carey Hart, with little Jameson. He is sitting in a chair and smiling happily at the camera while the child is in his arms. “I love my dad,” Pink writes about the photo and shows how strong the family bond is at home. Fans shower their idol with congratulations and are visibly impressed by the view presented to them on social media. “Beautiful, enjoy every second,” writes a follower and adds a kiss emoji.

The name had been fixed for a long time.

The name of her son’s husband had long been clear to Pink and her husband. Six years ago he made the decision to name a male child after his father and brother. At that time, the singer confessed to “Access Hollywood”: “My dad’s name is James and my brother Jason. Carey and I are Irish, Carey’s middle name is Jason. Jameson, we both like whiskey. So it goes without saying. “

We warmly congratulate Pink on her second child and are happy that her little daughter Willow now has a little playmate. Welcome Jameson!

Image Source: Getty Images for UNICEF / Jemal Countess

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