Rosa: mejor desnudo que piel

Pink: better naked than skin

Pink: better naked than skin

Animal welfare

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Since the birth of their daughter Willow three years ago, things have gotten a bit quieter at Pink. But when it comes to a good cause, the 35-year-old doesn’t have long to wait – the singer was now quite daringly photographed for a PETA campaign. The message is clear: before Pink wears fur, she prefers not to wear anything.

Pink is engaged

Elisabetta Canalis did, and so did Pamela Anderson. Now Pink joins the list of stars defending the animal welfare organization PETA. The otherwise considered wild and rebellious singer casts her bully image overboard and is calm, serious, and most of all extremely revealing for the project of saving furry four-legged friends.

For PETA, Pink went completely blank and had Colombian photographer Ruven Afanador photograph how God made her. As PETA announced in a press release, the black and white image will soon be displayed on a nearly 100-foot-wide billboard in New York’s Time Square. Pink himself didn’t have to be persuaded long to pose for the daring shots: “I wish everyone was forced to hear about the horrors these animals go through in the name of fashion. I hope that people who wear fur are bitten on the buttocks by the same animal that they carry on their back ”.

Pink used to wear fur herself

Rosa poses for PETA

To fight for the integrity of the animals, Pink immediately returns to show her direct and daring manners. Unfortunately, the “Perfect” interpreter cannot be absolved of having previously also been a fur wearer. So she reports in PETA’s press release: “I wish I could say for myself that I had never worn fur and that I could be proud of myself. Unfortunately, I went through a selfish phase in my life and I wore fur on a few occasions. “ But today, according to her own statements, the mother of a daughter is purified and prefers to do without the luxurious body covering.Now I am much more informed and boycott fur completely. If only everyone could discover the agony animals have to endure so that we can follow a fashion trend.“Maybe its promotion is the right trigger for many to join Pink and say goodbye to the fur trend.Pink is campaigning for PETA: Like many other stars, the singer is now dropping her covers to signal the cruel fate of many animal species who have to die for a fashion trend. His rough and sometimes cheeky way could wake up some people; Pink generally doesn’t beat around the bush in her words.

Image Source 1: Getty Images / Frazer Harrison Bildwuelle 2: Facebook / Pink

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