Pippa Middleton: escándalo de bienestar animal por la hermana menor de Kate

Pippa Middleton: Animal Welfare Scandal Over Kate’s Younger Sister

Pippa Middleton: Animal Welfare Scandal Over Kate's Younger Sister

Animal cruelty?

wantedthe 08/10/2013 | 10:52

Pippa Middleton participated in a traditional pheasant hunt. The photo in which you can see Kate’s sister with her friends and 50 birds that were shot has now become a scandal …

Pippa Middleton in evening dress

Pippa Middleton caused a sensation with a supposedly harmless and fun leisure time. The 30-year-old took part in a pheasant hunt and smiles happily for the camera in a photo posted on Instagram that shows her with her friends with 50 dead animals.

Actually, everything is going incredibly well for Pippa Middleton (30) right now. She is happily in a relationship with Nico Jackson and now she even has her own column. But now photos have surfaced on the internet that cast a negative light on the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister. John Greig, a friend of Pippa Middleton, posted a picture on Instagram showing Pippa and her friends after the hunt – about 50 pheasants killed in front of them. The scandal: Each year, around 40 million of these birds are specially bred for hunting in sometimes horrible conditions.

Pippa Middleton: tradition or cruelty to animals?

Pippa (third from left) after the hunt

Of course, pheasant hunting has a long tradition in Britain. However, Pippa Middleton’s behavior is now sparking protests. Marius Münte from the German Association for Animal Welfare explained to the newspaper “Bild” why pheasant hunting no longer has much to do with the traditional sport of the past: “When Pippa Middleton goes hunting with her friends, it has nothing to do with an ecologically responsible contribution to the conservation of species and nature. It is just a leisure time, in which animals are shot down as shotgun fodder for some elites and aspiring royalty. “

Pippa Middleton caused quite a stir by participating in a pheasant hunt. Maybe it’s time to rethink the old traditions …Image Sources: Dominic O’Neill / Boodles Boxing Ball Committee via Getty Images / John Greig / Instagram