Pippa Middleton: ¿Ya está planeando su boda?

Pippa Middleton: Are you planning your wedding yet?

Pippa Middleton: Are you planning your wedding yet?

New rumors

wantedon October 07, 2013 | 14:00

At least since the birth of her nephew, Prince George, the British have been longing for the engagement of their “royal beauty” Pippa Middleton. Until now, Kate Middleton’s cute sister hasn’t wanted to do this favor for her compatriots. But now Pippa Middleton has made the rumors of a possible marriage run again.

Is a major new event coming up in Middleton? In any case, Pippa Middleton’s column in the Daily Telegraph caused a stir in the British press. The 30-year-old introduced her favorite florist to the “New Covent Garden Market” and made some other suggestions as well. “Next stop, a flower arranging course,” wrote Pippa Middleton revealingly.

Pippa Middleton sparks new speculation

Is Pippa Middleton already practicing this course for her own wedding ceremony? It almost seems that way, because apparently the idea of ​​an early marriage, in which you would like to have as many tasks in your own hands as possible, is not that far off anymore. “Maybe I am a DIY girlfriend? Pippa Middleton commented on the surprising course and thus fueled new speculation about an imminent wedding.

Pippa Middleton: Do you want to get married soon?

Pippa Middleton apparently already had the right man in stock for the lifetime bonus.: For a few months now, the brunette beauty has appeared again and again in public with Nico Jackson. However, Kate Middleton’s sister did not deny rumors of an engagement to the stockbroker until September. Has Pippa Middleton changed her mind now?You can also attend a flower arranging course if your own wedding is still a long way off. However, the hints that Pippa Middleton makes in her column are quite surprising in view of the recent denial of engagement …

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