Pippa Middleton se lleva muy bien con su hermana Kate

Pippa Middleton gets along very well with her sister Kate

Pippa Middleton gets along very well with her sister Kate

Close family ties

wantedon 02/07/2014 | 13:25

As Kate Middleton’s younger sister, it’s definitely not always easy for Pippa Middleton to be the center of public attention. Although the life of the 30-year-old seems anything but ordinary, the relationship between the two sisters is very stable. In an interview with talk show host Matt Laurer, which recently aired on British television, Pippa Middleton said that she got along very well with Kate and was also delighted with her little nephew George.

Pippa Middleton has been one of the most famous faces in Britain since the wedding between her sister Kate and Prince William. Above all, the discussions at the time about her shapely butt brought the 30-year-old into the public spotlight. Media enthusiasm has gradually waned, but interest in Pippa Middleton still persists.

Pippa Middleton and her sister Kate get along very well

On the “Today Show,” Pippa Middleton even gave British talk show host Matt Laurer his first television interview, in which he talks openly about his private life and especially his relationship with his sister Kate. The two sisters are linked by a close bond that has not been loosened even through fame. Here’s how Pippa Middleton reported: “I mean, she’s under pressure for certain things, but we spend a lot of time together. We still do a lot of things as a family. And it is important to all of us that we have close family ties. We can treat each other normally and that leaves us all on the carpet. ” Being in the public eye as an entire family is certainly not easy. But Pippa Middleton has found a way to deal with it.Pippa Middleton loves being aunt

She and her sister Kate get along very well, Pippa Middleton emphasized. The beautiful brunette can come to her with worries of any kind and they trust her with everything: “We have a normal brotherly relationship. We are so close. We support each other and always get the opinion of others. “ But Pippa Middleton has a special fondness for little Prince George. The soon-to-be 1-year-old heir to the throne brings much joy to family life and enriches the Middletons’ everyday life: “He is wonderful. He is incredible. He is a good boy. And it is a great joy and fun for all of us, for the whole family. He brought us all together and we love spending weekends with him. He is very funny.” This is what a proud aunt sounds like. Pippa Middleton couldn’t seem more excited about her nephew.

Pippa Middleton is very lucky with family cohesion. He gets along particularly well with his sister Kate. And that’s certainly not always easy with the hustle and bustle of the media.

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