Pippa Middleton: ¿Ha provocado la ira del palacio?

Pippa Middleton: Have you provoked the ire of the palace?

Pippa Middleton: Have you provoked the ire of the palace?

Doesn’t the queen find it funny?

wantedthe 07/04/2014 | 11:30

At the beginning of the week, Pippa Middleton gave the “Today Show” its first extensive and extremely open television interview. In a relaxed atmosphere, the 30-year-old talked about her relationship with her sister Kate and the first months with her nephew, the heir to the throne Prince George. But this conversation could cost Pippa Middleton dearly …

At Buckingham Palace, one should be anything but happy with Pippa Middleton’s candid interview with talk show host Matt Lauer. “You are very angry at Pippa,” an anonymous source told the celebrity website “RadarOnline” about reactions to Pippa Middleton’s television appearance. You want her to be quiet. It is obvious that he wants to define his identity and get out of the shadow of his sister. However, you have to know your place. “

Pippa Middleton: Did you get approval from the palace for your interview?

This backlash from the palace may surprise many observers. After all, Pippa Middleton did not share any scandals in her interview, but praised her good relationship with her sister Kate. However, it is still unclear if the dark-haired beauty has agreed to her plan with the cut beforehand. While some sources report that Pippa Middleton conducted the interview on her own, others believe they learned that the royal family was aware of the planned interview.

Pippa Middleton wants to live her own life

From the point of view of the “RadarOnline” informant it seems clear that Pippa Middleton does not want to be defined by her sister for the rest of her life. For this reason, she has already canceled the conversation that was actually planned for an earlier date. In exchange, the 30-year-old apparently gave up an excellent opportunity to promote her book “Celebrate: A Year of Holidays,” which was published last October. “It put her off because it seemed like she was taking advantage of her relationship with Kate to promote her book,” the source said, explaining Pippa Middleton’s change of mind at the time.

It’s perfectly understandable that Pippa Middleton doesn’t want to be perceived as “Kate’s sister” for her entire life. But if that interview is the right way to differentiate yourself from your sister? You can argue about that.

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