Pippa Middleton bromea sobre su vestido de dama de honor

Pippa Middleton jokes about her bridesmaid dress

Pippa Middleton jokes about her bridesmaid dress

Unusual fame

wantedon 02/27/2014 | 14:18

Pippa Middleton is not just Duchess Kate’s sister – the 30-year-old gained fame when she appeared in her skin-tight bridesmaid dress at her sister Kate’s wedding to Prince William. This concert caused quite a stir and Pippa Middleton received many compliments for her shapely butt. Now she also commented on her sensational performance.

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was a huge event that many people still fondly remember today. Pippa Middleton, Kate’s sister, appeared in a tight white dress that flattered her figure.

Pippa Middleton is calm

His butt in particular got a lot of attention at the time. At a London event, Pippa Middleton laughed out loud, “W! News “now about the sensation her Alexander McQueen dress caused. She stabbed the bride in her sexy outfit, which made headlines for weeks. At the “Women in Advertising and Communication Dinner” in London, Pippa Middleton spoke about her choice of clothing. While joking with around 400 people present, the 30-year-old said, alluding to the hype around her butt: “Recognition has its advantages and disadvantages and also a rear end, as I found out.”

Pippa Middleton laughs at the hype her butt provoked

Pippa Middleton seems to have been very surprised by the media interest in her dress. Plus, she was “glad it fit. In hindsight, it fit too well “as he now confessed. However, you see the hype around her and her butt relatively relatively. In her 2012 book “Celebrate: A Year of British Festivities for Families and Friends,” the British brunette wrote: “It’s an amazing thing to be world famous (if you can call it that) before 30 just because of your sister, brother-in-law and butt.” He also added: “Someday it will make sense to me.” Apparently, Pippa Middleton has kept her feet on the ground and doesn’t see her fame as anything special.

Despite her notoriety, Pippa Middleton has remained on the ground and is relatively relaxed about her notoriety. Kate’s sister knows that a pretty butt can delight, but that’s not all in life!Image Source: Getty Images / Handout