Pippa Middleton corrió su primer maratón

Pippa Middleton ran her first marathon

Pippa Middleton ran her first marathon

For a good cause

wantedon 07/13/2015 | 15:42

Fans of brunette beauty have long known that a true sports fan has gotten lost in Pippa Middleton. After all, Duchess Kate’s sister not only likes to be seen at the Wimbledon tennis tournament, but she also wears her sportswear for a good cause. Like most recently in Kenya, where Pippa Middleton completed her first marathon.

As a cyclist, we have known Pippa Middleton for a long time: after all, “Her Royal Hotness” has been engaged with the “British Heart Foundation” for years and regularly climbs into the saddle as an ambassador to promote the charity on various trips. fundraising. . But the bicycle no longer seems to be enough for the 31-year-old: For the “Tusk Trust’s Safaricom Marathon” in Kenya, where as many donations as possible should also be collected, Pippa Middleton put on her running shoes on June 27th. and stayed the full 42 kilometers under the scorching African sun.

Pippa Middleton doesn’t just look good in the saddle

In her life as the sister of the future British queen, Pippa Middleton has already experienced many things, but at the starting line of her first marathon even she had weak knees, as she now reveals to “Hello!” Magazine. “A wave of emotions washed over me when I had to prevail in the crowd to defend my place and not be knocked down,” explained Pippa Middleton in an exclusive rehearsal. Fortunately, the good cause for which the British traveled unleashed an unimaginable force: “At last the time had come. All the work, training, effort and excitement of being here and being a part of something so difficult, yet meaningful and meaningful, just had to get there. “

Pippa Middleton was reaching her limits

Despite this strength, Pippa Middleton had to overcome her weaker inner self at times to keep from leaving the race prematurely in the brutal 30+ degree heat. “I looked to the right and thought about the school kids, the rhinos, the elephants, the lions, and the many amazing Tusk projects, the reasons I did all of these. It was difficult, more difficult than what I had to face before. It took all my energy, perseverance and tenacity, ”recalled Kate Middleton’s younger sister. But the effort has paid off: With a respectable time of 3 hours 56 minutes and 33 seconds, Pippa Middleton finished the marathon as 30th and seventh best woman overall. But that’s not all: she also became the first white woman to achieve the race so far!

We can only take our hats off to so much commitment to a good cause: At the Kenya Marathon, Pippa Middleton impressively demonstrates that for her, charity actually has something to do with action. Maybe you can convince your brother-in-law to participate next year. After all, Prince William is the patron of the event …

Image Source: © Getty Images / Anthony Harvey