Pippa Middleton: ¿pronto revelará secretos íntimos?

Pippa Middleton: Will You Reveal Intimate Secrets Soon?

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wantedon 11/24/2014 | 16:54

Pippa Middleton has been on everyone’s lips since her sister’s wedding to Prince William. Known as “Her Royal Hotness” due to her shapely buttocks, the 31-year-old is now trying to make a name for herself in the celebrity world. Now Pippa Middleton calls the offer to participate in “Today Show of NBC”. However, it is said that the royal family is not “amused” about it.

Pippa Middleton has long tried to get out of the shadow of her older sister Kate. The 30-year-old has been in the media spotlight since her wedding, but it seems she still hasn’t found her way. After the royal celebrations, the enthusiasm for the Englishwoman waned a bit, but Pippa Middleton is still trying to carve a niche for herself in the media industry, unfortunately with fairly moderate success so far. But now Kate Middleton’s sister could make her big break!

Pippa Middleton calls for a big TV hit. Will she accept?

According to the magazine “Globe” The 30-year-old is expected to appear regularly on “NBC’s Today Show” – the only question is at what price. The royal family is said to be already afraid that Pippa Middleton will divulge family secrets.Pippa Middleton: Will you chat?

Pippa Middleton is no stranger to the media and has already gained some experience with the press. however, she is not a professional journalist And according to “Globe” magazine, both Kate Middleton and Prince William are very concerned that they may divulge spicy details of the life of royalty. In fact, it could have been assumed that the older sister is happy for her little sister, but according to media reports, the suspicion is apparently very deep. The royal family is reportedly afraid that Pippa Middleton may see the job at NBC only as a promotional opportunity for her and chat at the expense of her family. It is not yet clear if the beautiful brunette will accept the offer.Pippa Middleton asks for a great job, but her family doesn’t seem to be after her. Perhaps Prince William’s sister-in-law has compromised the trust of her loved ones too often in the past? Hopefully Pippa Middleton doesn’t start her potential NBC career at the expense of others!

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