Pixel 4: Google pronto mejorará el desbloqueo facial

Pixel 4: Google will soon improve face unlock

It will soon be necessary to open your eyes so that Google Pixel 4 smartphones can still be unlocked using Face Unlock. A small but important addition.

Google initially had to receive a lot of criticism for the Pixel 4’s face unlock because the new feature had ignored the eyes. So it was possible to steal the smartphone of a sleeping person and unlock it directly. It will be different in the future then it will also be mandatory. In the future, the eyes of the smartphone owner will need to be open; Only then will it be possible to unlock it with your face (Face Unlock). The innovation is still discovered but is not active.

Google only allows Face Unlock with eyes open

Interestingly, the new addition can be found by looking for the system settings on Pixel 4 smartphones, but not directly in the face unlock settings yet.

For a while, open eyes was just a selectable option and not a must, but this switch is no longer available. Open eyes will be a must in the future, I can currently open my Google Pixel 4 with my eyes closed.

Google can be criticized for the fact that it takes many months to implement this small change.