Pixel 5 y 4a: los teléfonos de Google probablemente se pospongan aún más

Pixel 4a: images and videos show Google’s new smartphone

Pixel 5 and 4a: Google phones likely to be put off even longer

In the first images and in a video, we can already see the new Google Pixel 4a, as well as the first details about the new mid-range smartphone.

After Google introduced the Pixel 4 a few months ago, they want to showcase the Pixel 4a, the second generation of the mid-range series of their own Android smartphones, in a few months. The Pixel 3a was already very well received this year, because the € 399 smartphone had the Pixel 3’s unmodified main camera on board. The same is expected for the new Pixel 4a, which can already be seen in the first images. Visually, the Pixel 4a is close to its expensive siblings in any case, more details are also seen.

Google Pixel 4a has a fingerprint sensor

On its top models, Google removed the fingerprint sensor and replaced it with Face Unlock. However, this does not apply to the new middle class. Classic position on the back, the fingerprint sensor remains. There you can also see the layout of the main camera, which was adopted from the Pixel 4 2019. But that doesn’t apply to the camera hardware as I only see one sensor. As with the predecessor, Google retains the jack connection with the Pixel 4a, the simple front camera is located in the perforated hole at the top left of the screen.

Initially there are only rumors about much more details or not even that. In the coming weeks, however, we expect more leaks about the new Pixel 4a. The processor and RAM are eagerly awaited, as are the exact specifications of the main camera.

Google Pixel 4a in 360 ° video

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