Google protege mejor las llamadas: se anuncia una nueva función para la aplicación de teléfono

Pixel: new Google smartphones and infinite waiting time

Google better protects calls: new feature announced for phone app

Google is in no rush. The new Pixel 4a was initially introduced several months late, but availability will take a long time to arrive.

The first details of the new Google Pixel 4a were known eight months ago. Then the market launch should happen in May, but the new mid-range cell phone had to be postponed. The whole event, Google I / O 2020, has to fall into the water. A few weeks later, there was the next opportunity with the beta program for Android 11. But due to the unrest in the United States, this event was also suspended.

It took Google two and a half months to officially launch the Pixel 4a. Before that, it appeared in its original packaging and was in the media all over the world. Yesterday, Google finally unveiled the Pixel 4a in full and announced two more models. And yet we still have to wait, because the Pixel 4a will only be available in more than eight weeks. Bad joke, right?

Hello Google Pixel 4a – Now it’s official, with a superior camera at a low price

Just two months late, then two months lead time

No, it’s not a joke. The announcement of the new smartphone says that the Pixel 4a can be pre-ordered from September 10. However, the new device can only be delivered on October 1, the company announced. That’s almost two more months before the Pixel 4a is in the hands of buyers. Hasn’t Google learned enough from the mistakes other manufacturers have made in the past?

Especially in today’s world in need of growth, Google should have offered the Pixel 4a in stores right away. As wide and striking as possible. OnePlus, for example, only needed two weeks for the North between presentation and availability. Precisely because the question has often arisen in recent weeks whether the Pixel 4a is still interesting to people, it should have been available much earlier.