Pixie Cut: así es como mantienes el peinado de tendencia

Pixie Cut: This is how you keep the hairstyle on trend

Pixie Cut: This is how you keep the hairstyle on trend

For example, special shampoos that still foam even on very short hair should be used and good care cannot be done without even with short haircuts. When styling the stylish short hairstyle with a hair dryer and brush, a few things should also be considered. The following article shows what is important when caring for a pixie cut.

Caring for a pixie cut

Therefore, short hair is not synonymous with less maintenance. When washing your hair, the ideal is to use a shampoo that impresses with its natural ingredients. These do not dry out the scalp and are especially gentle. Very little shampoo is needed for short hair.

The ends of the hair should be well cared for after washing, even with a pixie cut. To do this, a treatment, conditioner or rinse can be applied to the ends of the hair and left to act for a certain period of time. So that the hairstyle does not look too messy and the ends are sealed.

The hair is dried after washing it with a towel until it is semi-dry. The hair is then brushed and dried. This shows that a little maintenance effort is necessary, but this can be mastered in no time; the entire procedure generally takes no more than five minutes.

Do you need styling?

A pixie cut should always be well groomed, otherwise the special effect of this hairstyle is quickly lost. A quick slide of the fingers is not enough. After drying, the hair is usually very flat on the head. In many cases, however, it is not a good idea to use hairspray as this reduces volume and short hairs stick quickly.

Saltwater spray is the best alternative, as it gives the hair structure and makes the hairstyle look much more exciting. The popular out-of-bed look is achieved by incorporating matte paste.

The pixie cut and brush

With a short hairstyle, you cannot do without a brush. Hair should be thoroughly brushed, especially at night, to completely remove all styling products. Otherwise, there is a risk of hair drying out and shedding overnight.

If the volume of the pixie cut decreases during the day, it can be gently brushed in the direction of hair growth; the salt water spray also helps. Brushes that have rounded bumps and are made of natural wood are particularly gentle on the scalp.

Short hair problems

Bad hair day is particularly troublesome for short hair. If these stick out in all possible directions, it is difficult to hide it; after all, unlike long hair, simply tying a ponytail is not an option. In many cases, the only solution is to wash and comb your hair again.

Much more noticeable than with long hair is a slowly growing approach. So this should be displayed very confidently as a fashion statement or directly colored by the hairdresser you trust.