PJ Masks babykindundmeer 3


PJ Masks babykindundmeer 3

Today I come around the corner with a recommendation from a children’s series and I would like to take this opportunity to show you suitable costumes and give you two little DIY ideas along the way. Because carnival is just around the corner! And I can well imagine that a PJ Masks costume would be perfect for one or another child in your household. Because people love superheroes! It starts from an early age. After all, superheroes have cool superpowers! And honestly, who doesn’t want one or the other superpower in between?

Behind PJ Masks hides a whole trio of heroes: these are Connor, Amaya and Greg, who are best friends during the day and go to school like all the other children. But as soon as something happens during the day, night or night that seems suspicious to all three, they become heroes at night. So Connor turns into Catboy, Amaya turns into Eulette, and Greg turns into Gecko. Each of them have special abilities, so they need each other to defeat the villains of the night together.

PJ Masks is an entertaining, fun, imaginative and adventurous cartoon series for children. With each episode, the kids are excited about what Connor, Amaya, and Greg’s next adventure will be like. Also, each episode deals with another theme such as patience, perseverance, willpower, courage, friendship, and creativity. This helps children learn about important values ​​in life while watching. Superheroes are cool! And the better children find something, the more it invites them to act and stimulates the imagination for their own playful adventures!

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PJ Masks: The Three Heroes Catboy, Owlette and Gecko

As I wrote earlier, Connor, Amaya, and Greg have very individual superpowers in their hero roles. Catboy wears the blue suit. He’s the oldest pajama hero. It is particularly fast, it can also jump and listen well. Amaya transforms into owls at night, then can fly and see wonderfully in the dark. Your costume is red. Greg turns into a green gecko that is particularly strong and can grip all surfaces wonderfully. This means that it can even climb walls.

Also, all three have their own heroic vehicles. Owlette the owl glider, Gecko the geckomobile and Catboy the cat runabout.

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Children become heroes

Superheroes have always been around. And since the beginning of this era, they have been popular with young and old alike. Each of us would like to be a superhero or meet one. Children love this idea and immediately begin to fantasize about who they would like to be and why; what superpowers would they like to have and what would they do first.

It’s fun to play superhero and really feel like one at least for a while. By the way, this applies to both boys and girls. Then stories are invented and then reproduced that sometimes make me smile, sometimes amaze and sometimes smile.

I always find the imagination of children impressive. From now on the same! I keep so many things that Lilli, Lotte and Tom play in the back of my mind and write them down for a possible children’s book. This is where the best fantasy worlds, fantasy beings, and fantasy thoughts come together!

And how quickly children can adopt other roles! You don’t even need a costume for that. Basically, imagination is enough, combined with a portion of creativity. But properly disguised, it’s even more fun!

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PJ Masks: Two Quick Craft Ideas for Carnival

Maybe your kids are big Catboy, Owlette, and Gecko fans? Maybe they’ll even dress up as one of the three pajama heroes for Mardi Gras this year? Or is the next kid’s birthday party under the PJ Masks theme? If so, here are two very easy DIY ideas that can be implemented in a few minutes.

1.) PJ Masks balloons

For the balloons you need black card stock, green, red and blue balloons, as well as a pair of scissors and some glue, possibly also a printer to print mask templates.

As soon as you have everything together, you draw the Pajama Hero masks on black cardboard and cut them out. Alternatively, you can print templates in advance. Then you glue the masks on the balloons of the corresponding color. Finished! It’s done quickly and it still makes a difference!

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2.) PJ Masks Bracelets

For the bracelets you need printable paper in green, red and blue, as well as a printer, scissors or cutter and some velcro.

Find the symbols for the bracelets on the Internet and open them with an editing program. Then place the symbols one after another on the virtual A4 paper. Use one sheet per symbol. Then print everything on the appropriate colored paper and then cut it into strips. There is a symbol in the middle of each strip. Finally, attach the bracelets with a velcro closure (Attention: One part of the velcro must be on the inside and one on the outside!). The velcro closure makes it easy to put on and take off and, depending on the length of the velcro strap, it adapts to different wrist circumferences.

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Have fun playing!

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children are Super Hero

If we are completely honest, children are the real superheroes of everyday life even without costumes, right? Embody many important values, live in the moment and honestly love, laugh and cry. Children are wonderful! For me, Lilli, Lotte and Tom are definitely my own superheroes. And it also happens to us that each of them has very individual superpowers. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to write about it anymore, but you get what I mean. =)

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Children are great because they are children. That is why children need a wonderful childhood. And every childhood needs a lot of time to play, laugh and run, do crafts, paint, play, read, hug and dress up. Childhood means a piece of spiritual freedom that we should keep forever.

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I hope I was able to inspire you today, awaken one or another hero in you, and put you in a carnival mood with PJ Masks!

You can find more information about PJ Masks here. It also takes place in Radio Teddy A huge PJ Masks competition is currently taking place. You will also find game and craft material suitable for printing.

Have fun watching, participating, crafting, and dressing up!

All the best,

your Mari =)

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