Google Maps ahora se está calibrando a través de Live View, que se encuentra en el "menú secreto".

Planets: Google Maps with a cool Star Wars effect

Google Maps is now being calibrated via Live View, which is in the "secret menu".

Google Maps allows you to switch between planets. For this transition, the developers have now created a pretty good effect.

Google Maps has a small but great innovation for the web version. If you switch to a planet other than Earth when you view the planets, we see a pretty good effect. Reminiscent of Star Wars and similar movies when the protagonists travel through time or particularly fast through space. Until now I did not even know that you can see the different planets in Google Maps as in Google Earth. I learned something again.

Google Maps allows you to see other planets

To achieve the effect or to be able to choose between planets, the web version of Google Maps is absolutely necessary. For example, on the laptop or on the PC. For this, you just have to scroll as far as possible from the image with the globe view activated. Then you will see the land in all its splendor. You can then use the satellite view button (bottom left) to open a sidebar and get the selection of the other planets. By switching to other planets, the new effect becomes apparent.