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Planned spin-off of “The Big Bang Theory”

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Good news for all “The Big Bang Theory” fans! Especially those who love the nerdy Sheldon Cooper: The producers of the hit comedy series are planning a spin-off in which the character played by Jim Parson will be the lead.

As industry magazines “Hollywood Reporter” and “Variety” unanimously report, US broadcaster CBS will build on its number one comedy series “The Big Bang Theory” with a spin-off. Citing inside information, according to the Hollywood Reporter, co-creators and producers Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady will also take the reins of this project, under the supervision of show broker Steve Molaro. According to “Variety,” the new series is still in the early stages, but the project should reach out to its sources after a script agreement.

Such bright prospects for a prequel to “The Big Bang Theory”! According to both publications, the spin-off will revolve around the childhood and youth of the popular main character Sheldon Cooper. There should be enough material, even in the original scene, the talented man likes to hint at all kinds of crazy stories from his native Texas. Fans are also aware that things weren’t always easy in adolescence. Soon he could deal with his past.

Will the original series continue?

But there is a disappointment for all lovers of “The Big Bang Theory”: Jim Parsons himself is not supposed to take on the role in the spin-off, but will be involved in the series as a co-producer. Either way, a Sheldon Cooper replacement makes sense in any case: The as-yet-untitled project should ultimately revolve around his years as a teenager. However, it is unclear how the original will continue – an eleventh season has yet to be confirmed, the cast is currently in negotiations with CBS.

However, the station president, Glenn Geller, is confident that “The Big Bang Theory” will continue. “We are very confident that everyone involved wants more ‘Big Bang’ after year 10. And I know that Warner Bros. will close these deals, ”the CBS chief said recently at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour.

Fingers crossed twice, for a sequel to “The Big Bang Theory” and a Sheldon spin-off!

Image Source: Getty Images / AFP / Valerie Macon