Tatuajes de plantas: motivos directamente de la naturaleza

Plant tattoos: motifs straight from nature

Plant tattoos: motifs straight from nature

Delicately tattooed

Tattoos are more and more diverse. While many artists’ styles were similar a few years ago, new ideas keep popping up. Tattooists are not only creating increasingly creative motifs, but also new techniques. As the clientele of tattoo studios has changed over time, more and more filigree motifs are being experienced. Because not everyone wants to sport a striking black tattoo. Plant tattoos are particularly popular because they offer a wide variety of designs and ferns, ivy and the like can entwine around parts of our body.

While we are still in awe of the beautiful watercolor tattoos and white tattoos, there is another tattoo technique that inspires us. Flowers and leaves have always been popular tattoo motifs, but none have been as beautiful as the delicate and realistic works of art by Ukrainian tattoo artist Rita Zolotukhina, known as Rit-Kit. We’ll show you how the unique motifs are created and also tell you why no two Rit-Kit plant tattoos are the same.

Realistically etched plant tattoos look so delicate and deceptively lifelike that you have to look twice.

Tattoos like botanical fingerprints

Tattoos are, of course, always an individual expression of your own personality. Hardly anyone wants to pick a tattoo from a catalog and then discover the same motif on other bodies. Tattoo artists can adapt the templates according to their wishes or give them an individual touch with their own style. However, for the Ukrainian tattoo artist Rita Zolotukhina, this was not enough. As a lover of plant tattoos, I was looking for a method to represent nature motifs both realistically and individually.

So instead of drawing flowers and leaves first and using them to create a tattoo stencil, Rita uses the plants directly. For this, plants such as ferns, flowers and leaves are pressed and dried as in school books. The tattoo stencil is ready too! The pressed plants are given a special color and the motif is then transferred to the skin. In the following photos you can see the tattoo stencils in a bluish violet tone.

How to get a plant tattoo

Using templates straight from nature prevents the motif from looking too stark and sketchy. The artist emphasizes that this method, which she calls botanical fingerprints, creates especially natural motifs. Because there is no hand drawing, the tattoos look much more fresh and naturalistic. After all, when drawing, we often try to level out natural bumps through our perfectionism. But exactly these are the desired ones with plant tattoos and they make them look so real. Nature lover Zolotukhina is of the opinion that plant tattoos created in this way can express a direct connection to nature. When pressing the plants, some motifs are also reminiscent of fossils that are forever tattooed on the body.

The plant tattoos are engraved freehand. This means that the motif is only fully created during the piercing and the tattoo artist complements the natural stencil. Only the colors and mood of the plant tattoo are discussed in advance. When choosing colors, Zolotukhina draws inspiration from the tones of live, dried plants.

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Leaves, ferns and flowers

The great thing about plant tattoos is that you don’t have to do research online or flick through magazines to choose a motif. If you decide on a botanical tattoo, as a true lover of nature, you can simply go to the forest and meadows and collect particularly beautiful leaves and flowers. At home you can squeeze your finds between heavy books.

The patterned stencil is a guide for the tattoo artist. Some artistic freedom can also be exercised with plant tattoos if clean lines are desired. Others consciously opt for the little bumps that make tattoos look so realistic.

Some of Rita’s artwork looks so realistic that you have to look very carefully to distinguish the motif from the original.

While many opt for brightly colored plant tattoos, shades of black and gray can also be used to create the appearance of an X-ray or fossil print. Due to the diversity of flora, there are a large number of small and large motifs that are suitable for placing on different parts of the body.

Delicate plant tattoos look so beautiful that they might not even bother mom. If you don’t want to break into nature right away, you can take a look at more Rit-Kit motifs on Instagram. If you want to get a similar plant tattoo without going on a trip to Ukraine, you should discuss the idea with an experienced tattoo artist beforehand and give him your exact ideas.

Image source: iStock / unaemlag