Desafío de bolsas de plástico

Plastic bag challenge

Plastic bag challenge

As the name suggests, the plastic bag challenge is all about plastic bags. Put a plastic bag over your head for as long as you can. And because? For the animals to be saved. Deceptively real-looking brochures circulate online in which the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation calls for this challenge. The organization reportedly wants to reduce pollution from plastic bags in the seas.

“For every minute a plastic bag is put on your head, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation is donating five dollars to clean up the oceans. Don’t look away, help us make the earth a better place “it says on the steering wheel. But this is false! The organization exists, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the fake challenge.

+ + Who made the flyer? + +

Unknown users on the website 4Chan launched the challenge and made a bad joke so allowed. Because many users think that the Plastic Bag Challenge is real and they tweet things like Hopefully we can make a difference for these poor, poor animals with the #PlasticBagChallenge. Save an animal today! “ or “That’s a good thing and a fairly easy challenge!”