Google Play Store pronto instalará aplicaciones prerregistradas automáticamente

Play Store: discovered apps that threaten security again

Google Play Store will soon install pre-registered apps automatically

Once again, three malicious Android apps made their way onto the Google Play Store and were available to download there for a while.

Despite numerous mechanisms and algorithms, Google fails to keep the Google Play Store free from harmful Android apps. Security researchers have once again discovered some Android apps on the Google Play Store that endanger the safety of users and which are probably deliberately so. It should be noted that these applications also cover generally popular functions. Such as file manager and camera functions. Among other things, a known security hole was exploited. The creators of the apps are not a blank slate and yet they were able to successfully smuggle apps to the Play Store.

Malicious apps on Google Play Store again

Behind the Camero, FileCrypt and callCam applications there is probably a group that has been known for a long time and that already had other targets for more direct attacks on computer systems. So not exactly harmless apps should be removed if you have installed them on your own devices. Different types of data can be used, in the end all to the detriment of the user. Trend Micro had reported the malicious apps to Google some time ago.

Time and time again, malicious apps end up on the Google Play Store. Mostly with different goals. It is not uncommon for this to be an attempt to get a lot of intrusive advertising on users’ devices. But there have also been apps with regular ads that instead generated more clicks for fake interactions on users’ devices. But above all, it is primarily about money.