PlayStation 5 vs.  Xbox Series X: Sony ya no es un competidor de Microsoft

PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X: Sony is no longer a competitor of Microsoft

PlayStation 5 vs.  Xbox Series X: Sony is no longer a competitor of Microsoft

For gamers, Christmas will be the most beautiful festival since 2013. That’s when the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One went on sale. In just over ten months, their successors will be PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Just yesterday Sony commented on the price of the PlayStation 5. The Japanese are waiting to see what Microsoft does. The American company, on the other hand, is moving away from Sony. In an interview, Xbox boss Phil Spencer stated that both Sony and Nintendo are no longer competitors to Microsoft. Is Spencer a megalomaniac? Are you teasing the PlayStation 5 for the press? Not quite.

Stadia instead of PlayStation 5: is the console dying?

“We have a lot of respect for Nintendo and Sony, but we see Amazon and Google as the strongest competitors for the future,” says the head of Xbox. According to him, traditional gaming companies have moved a bit out of position. What does he mean by that?

“We have invested billions of dollars in the cloud over the years,” continues Spencer. For him, it is not the best-selling console. Nor does he want to start a format war with Sony and Nintendo. However, for Microsoft there is no doubt that the future of gaming is in the cloud and less so on a stationary console like the PlayStation 5. “Amazon and Google are focused on how to get seven billion people around the world to play ”Spencer says. “Ultimately, that’s the goal.”

Gambling without an expensive console

Google first introduced Stadia at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in mid-March 2019. The big presentation followed in June. Stadia is available now. Stadia is a game streaming service and allows games to be streamed on all types of screens. The only requirement: the display must be connected to the Internet and a controller.

However, you no longer need a computer with a processor and graphics card, like the one in the next PlayStation 5: the computing power is outsourced to the Stadia server. Microsoft is currently testing its own xCloud streaming service, which will be introduced in its entirety this year. Cloud gaming also has a downside.

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