Pokémon Go: primer evento pago anunciado - ¡Regi trio regresa!

Pokémon Go: First Paid Event Announced – Regi Trio Returns!

Pokémon Go: First Paid Event Announced - Regi Trio Returns!

Advertised event starts on Friday November 1 at 9:00 p.m. and ends on monday November 4 at 10 p.m.. However, only a small part of the event is charged. The paid part of the event will only take place on Saturday, November 2. The following bonuses await you even without buying a ticket:

Regi-Trio returns

During the event period, i.e. in Germany on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays, you can Regirock, Regice and Registeel in level 5 raids challenge. They are also in theirs dazzling versions catchable. Here we have summarized the best counterattacks against the Regi trio:

  • best counter attack against Regirock
  • best counter attack against Regice
  • best counterattack against Registeel
Symbolic image of the Regi-Trio

New glitters

Along with the Regi-Trio there is also Panzaeron in its dazzling variant available in the game. You can find this Pokémon more often in the wild and in eggs during the event.

What else is coming

Other Rock, Steel, and Ice Pokémon too appear more often in the desert. These include: Kleinstein, Magnetyl, Quiekel, Stollunior, and Seemops. The following Pokémon hatch more and more from the eggs during the event: Aerodactyl, Pottrott, Sniebel, Panzaeron, Schneppke, and Tanhel. Also, they are the egg hatching machines twice as effective.

the part paid The event will only take place on Saturday November 2 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. (local time) instead. You can participate in the event from anywhere in the world, so the event cannot be compared to other regional events such as a safari zone or a Go-Fest.

buy a ticket

You can buy the ticket through the Play Store acquire. So where can you buy the paid crates or raid passes? In Germany, the ticket is expected. 8.99 euros cost and can only be paid with real money and not with Pokécoins. When the ticket will be available has not been announced. However, since there is a unlimited number of tickets, you can buy the ticket shortly before the start of the event. The ticket will be available on the day of the event until 5 pm local time. The purchased ticket can be found in inventory as a raid pass. If you log into the game during the event, the ticket will be activated automatically.

The ticket looks like a pink raid pass

What do I get for my money?

You will receive one immediately after purchasing the ticket. medal for your profile. Two bonuses await you during the event.

Special investigation

As a ticket buyer, you will receive an exclusive special investigation in which, among other things, you will be a Einall stone, one Sinnoh Stone and exclusive Avatar pose wait as a reward. At the end of the special investigation, you have the option of the Legendary Pokémon Regigigas capture. Niantic recommends that all players complete this special research during the event. This is not a prerequisite, but some tasks are tailored to the event and then just require a lot of effort.


Raid passes

According to Niantic, you will have to complete some raids during a special investigation. That’s why you also receive 10 free raid passes. You won’t find these in your inventory, however you can only get them by spinning arenas. Like the 5 free raid passes on raid days in summer. These are the passports can only be used during the event period.

Will Pokémon Go now pay to win?

Some players have feared that Pokémon Go will become a pay-to-win game by selling paid tickets to events that cannot be purchased with Poké Coins. However, this is not the case at least for this event. The special research does not contain any items, except the pose of the avatar, which you would not receive. The 10 raid passes can also be purchased with earned Pokécoins, and the Regi-Trio’s Pokémon are not suitable for fighting other players or Pokémon. They are more interesting for brilliant collectors and hunters. Even the still exclusive Pokémon Regegigas will be available to all players in Ex-Raids starting in December.