Alerta de poni: cómo hacer que tu poni pase el verano

Pony alert: how to get your pony through the summer

Pony alert: how to get your pony through the summer


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Although it disappears from the scene from time to time and is one of the most controversial hairstyles, the bangs are and still are one of the favorite hairstyles. Why? Clearly, because it offers the quickest type change and doesn’t require as much guts as a short hairstyle. However, many of its wearers are bothered by the annoying forehead curtain, especially in summer, because it sticks to the sweaty forehead, it becomes fibrous and greasy faster than the rest of the hair. So what to do with that thing? We will help you with tricks and show you in our photography program how you can design the somewhat cumbersome pony in summer.

In summer, such a hip pony can quickly turn into torture. But it doesn’t have to, because with it you can spend the warm months in style.

chill out

Freshly showered, the pony is carefully blow-dried and shaped by its exemplary users. After a few hours (or even what seems like minutes), this hardly looks like what you so patiently conjure up on your forehead, especially in summer. It is constantly strangled and looks greasy in no time. No wonder, after all, it is always in contact with skin that is marked by beads of sweat. This misery is only made worse by constantly running your hands through your hair. Our first tip for the summer: Take a more relaxed approach to the matter, in this casual year no one will take you offended.

It has to be casual

Save yourself the constant trimming of your pony in summer and above all, don’t be afraid of strands and gaps, because: the precise front curtain is something of 2012! This summer the look is much more casual and with long fringes, so that the hairstyle looks natural and not applied. So take advantage of a grown pony, its cool style and airy spaces that will allow some fresh air on your forehead. Reese Witherspoon and Suki Waterhouse lead the way and set a laid-back example. So the pony is split in half? No problem at all, because that looks good too.

Slide the curtain aside

If your long, frayed pony is annoying, you can of course put it aside. Try it yourself and find the look that best suits you. Alexa Chung prefers, for example, to simply tuck her bangs behind her ear in a wide strand, while braided or twisted strands also provide the necessary style in summer and evoke a romantic look. So you’ve cleared up the bangs issue and the whole hairstyle issue and created a finished look. Pins inside, braid tied and voila. At best, you can also pull individual strands out of the pony from the clasp and make the style look more fun and smooth.

Elegant and glamorous

At night you would like to have it a little more glamorous, but still you do not wear your pony “open” in your face because it only bothers you with the heat? No problem, we can also help here. Style your bangs and complete the look with an updo hairstyle! The best way to do this is to comb the still damp bangs up with mousse and blow dry over the head so that it is ideally up. A round brush is then used to blow back the hair. Finally, the almost finished large is teased voluminously and attached to the head with clips. Et voilà, the diva look is ready.

If you don’t succeed with this look, try rolling mousse-treated damp hair in a large curling iron and blow-dry. This is also how you get the great shape right, which then just needs to be teased and pinned down.

Hair spray and a comb are a must

It is very important, if you decide to pin your pony, that you only work with hairspray. It is necessary to fix the pony with hairspray so that the short hair is where you want it to be. However, hair gel or wax tend to make hair greasy and sticky rather than provide hold.

Undone and still beautiful

How do models like Suki Waterhouse manage to look so good with stringy bangs? Simply put: undone is the motto. Whether on the runway or in private, the model can often be seen with the bangs parted in the middle, which she then casually combed on the halves of the face. Heidi Klum also likes to style her long bangs just lightly brushed to the side. Even if you simply comb the bangs back with your hands and cool the sides again, the look is exactly the casual style that is in demand in summer 2014.

Take a look at the coolest pony looks for summer in our image show.

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