"Pobres idiotas": seis estrellas que insultaron a sus propios fans

“Poor idiots”: six stars who insulted their own fans

"Poor idiots": six stars who insulted their own fans

Uwe Boll recently showed how it was done and did it on the internet, including against his own fans. In this special we show you more stars who have offended their loyal fans with their statements.

Stone angels

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson owes the greatest success of his career to the “Twilight” saga. But he never really understood the cult surrounding Stephenie Meyer’s filmed vampire book series. In an interview, therefore, he hinted that his fans would not lead an independent life outside of the “Twilight” bubble:

“The really funny thing about the ‘Twilight’ audience is that none of them is actually a teenager. Most of them are older. ‘Twilight’ has its own parallel world, its own fan culture from day one. And with unprecedented intensity. Sometimes I wonder what all these hordes of people are doing all day. They just sit in front of their computer and comment on anything remotely related to ‘Twilight.’