Pobre demi

Poor me

Poor me

Demi lowers her cleavage, hugs her friend and suggests a kiss with the girl. These sexy photos appeared last week and showed Demi in a camp rock image not as good as the one she is used to.

Now the actress is said to be involved in an even spicier affair: there are said to be several private films of her. Apparently Demi Lovato took her tour bus to a “Love to hell “ reused and Wild parties with alcohol, coke and lots of guys celebrated. During these hot orgies, the camera was probably at one point or another.

“Nobody really cared at the time what he did and how he behaved. It was really sad to see that. She tried using expletives to make herself appear more grown-up and showed her friends how rebellious she was. But she was so indecent that everyone made fun of her “a source told “X17Online”.

The tapes have now been passed on to a pornography company, which is now checking whether the movies can be released. Since Demi could only be 17 at the time, there is no need to ask and it also makes you doubt credibility. A spokesperson for the star has already denied all the rumors.