Agradable, en forma, sin afeitar

Poot Lovato is back!

Nice, fit, unshaven

Of course everything is just one false (We are at least 99.99 percent sure, but you can still dream.) And Demi Lovato himself found the story less funny. She tweeted (and deleted it again shortly after): “It’s great to see a stupid point of view turn into a meme that is then broadcast on the Internet for the amusement of people.” Presumably (even very likely) this is just an unfavorable image of Demi, which was used for that ‘joke’.

However, the question is whether this is really something funny or just stupid. After all, it’s a bit macabre to give Demi a bad image as a twin sister who was supposedly locked in the basement for years. The internet is and will be insane and sometimes it’s really weird!

Demi Lovato suffered from an eating disorder for years. Now it finally feels good in your body! And he shows it to the whole world: the nude photos of Demi Lovato