Estrellas del pop 2010

Pop Stars 2010

Pop Stars 2010

Really! Because with “Popstars 2010: Girsl forever” new rules now apply! Because strangely, two girls are missing who were NEVER eliminated. Jessy and Betty are no longer there! The two girls voluntarily dated and never a word was said about it. On the Pro7 website, Betty is even listed as a candidate, and Jessy’s photo is stamped as “deleted.”

Jessica Destremps reveals the reasons for her departure to her home newspaper: “The creators of the show want to push you in a certain direction, but I want to remain who I am.” The fact that the makeover really got on Jessica’s nerves couldn’t be overlooked. Instead of blonde curls, she now has short red hair and no longer has fancy pop stars: “I didn’t think they would be so short”said the 20-year-old.

And Betty? The 23-year-old has yet to comment, but rumors suggest she should no more desire for casting madness and feline terror in “Popstars 2010: Girls forever” I had, and Pro 7 kept it a secret too.

Did you notice that the girls are missing? Can you understand the girls or do you find them missing the opportunity of their lives?

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