"Estrellas del pop": Rosalie tenía que irse

"Pop stars": Rosalie had to go

"Pop stars": Rosalie had to go

Pop Star Casting

wantedon October 15, 2010 | 09:52

Paul Potts visited “Popstars” yesterday, the singer made the candidates cry with his aria. For Rosalie, the “pop star” dream came to an end yesterday, she had to leave the show.

Paul Potts visited “Popstars”

Yesterday at “Popstars” the singer and winner of the English casting show “Britain`s got talent”, Paul Potts, paid a visit. Potts went with the candidates to a church, where he sang his famous aria. All the girls were touched, especially Rosalie couldn’t hold back her tears.

Then it was the turn of the candidates to sing “Ave Maria” or “Hallelujah” in the church. Even at the time, Paul Potts didn’t seem to be very satisfied with the performance of “Popstars” candidate Rosalie. But the Brit was enthusiastic about Isabelle, who, as the singer commented, studies opera music.

Regarding the appearance of the decision maker in the episode of “Popstars” called “Golden Voices” yesterday, Rosalie and Esra argued about technical problems. So the jury decided to send Rosalie home. Paul Potts found the jury’s decision understandable, because he too felt that Rosalie still couldn’t achieve what people wanted to hear from her.

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