Estrellas del pop "Tú & amp;  yo"

Pop stars "You & amp; I"

Popstars 2009: it will be different

TO Pop stars there is a great innovation: this time there won’t be a band like that Queensberry, Monrose or Room 2012 wanted, but a duo. That is why the motto for the current season is simply “You and I“. Girls and boys can run for pop stars this time.

There is also a new jury of pop stars. Been Y Loona unfortunately they are no longer on board. Instead, judge together Detlef D! Soost producer Alex Christensen as well as composer Michelle Leonard the pop star candidates. Alex Christensen was a member of the jury a few years ago and pop stars are new territory for Michelle. The 36-year-old composer knows the German music business very well and has already worked with it Strange cinema or Thomas godoj together.


The first casting of pop stars will take place in Munich on June 17. The jury will be in Stuttgart on June 24 and in Düsseldorf on June 4. You can find the exact time and location on the Popstars Pro7 page. 16 new episodes of Popstars will air starting in the summer.

More news on Detlef D! Soost

Just in time for the current round of pop stars, “Bild” newspaper has the latest love news from Soost: D! he’s with Ben’s ex-girlfriend Kate hall together! Last year, Detlef learned D! his new girlfriend Pop stars to know. Kate was hired as a vocal coach. Was she the reason for the separation from Ines – D! Yes, friend of many years and mother of your two children?