PopSockets is working on MagSafe compatible iPhone accessories - TechCrunch

PopSockets is working on MagSafe compatible iPhone accessories – TechCrunch

PopSockets is working on MagSafe compatible iPhone accessories - TechCrunch

TechCrunch says PopSockets will support Apple’s MagSafe technology. This means that you will soon be able to put on and take off this ubiquitous iPhone accessory without worrying that the sticker on the back will lose its grip over time and need to be rinsed off.

MagSafe, Apple’s charging brand, is now the company’s newest system for wireless iPhone charging and easy-to-attach accessories, unveiled today at Apple’s iPhone event.

Thanks to the new series of magnets that are placed around the wireless charging coil, the iPhone can be better aligned when connected to the Apple MagSafe charger and MagSafe Duo charger, for wireless charging of the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 plus Apple Watch.

However, the system also enables a number of MagSafe accessories that work with the iPhone 12.

Apple is introducing its own accessories: new silicone, leather and clear cases that can be easily attached to the back of iPhone 12 models, as well as a dockable iPhone wallet. The company also said Tuesday that consumers should expect a range of third-party MagSafe accessories.

I admit it, I thought of PopSockets for some reason before the Apple event. This is why my first thought was when MagSafe was introduced Oh PopSockets!

I’m probably not alone.

The company has sold more than 165 million PopSockets grips since its launch in 2014 and has since expanded its line of useful items on the back of your phone to include all sorts of variations, such as Mirrored PopSockets or lip gloss versions. small, PopSockets with wallets, Otter + PopSockets phone cases and even PopSockets to match your nails. (Oh, and they have face masks that now fit your PopSockets too.)

PopSockets handles can be removed multiple times, but will lose their tack over time. The company says the solution is to rinse the little dongle and let it air dry for about 10 minutes, then put it back on the iPhone and let it harden for a few hours.

This can be a long process, which is why the company introduced PopSockets Grips with interchangeable covers, also known as PopTops.

However, having a range of MagSafe compatible PopSockets would mean that you would not have to worry about the sticking effect of the product. As a result, users could be forced to buy more of these iPhone dongles, perhaps even amassing a collection that they can. Change them as you see fit to suit your outfits or mood.

It also means that users may have to forego using a case with their iPhone, as is currently required for iPhone 11 owners, to take advantage of PopSockets Grips.

On the contrary, it could open PopSockets to more competition in the aftermarket because companies don’t have to redesign the handles and their patent-protected technology. Instead, competitors could simply add MagSafe-compatible items to their existing product lines for an additional fee and increase their revenue.

PopSockets claims it has MagSafe products in development, but does not provide details at this time.

Note: The image does not show MagSafe compatible products.