Popstars 2010 - Girls Forever

Popstars 2010 – Girls Forever

Popstars 2010 - Girls Forever

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And there were already three! In addition to Sarah and Meike, Julia has also been voted on Popstars: Girls Forever Band “LaVive”.

>> Semifinals at Popstars 2010: Julia made it!

The second live show at Popstars 2010 spells the end for Jenny. Meike is chosen second member of the band!

>> LaViVe: Meike is there!

In the first big live show, the last 10 girls compete with each other: the audience can decide who is in the band “LaViVe”. So one thing is for sure: Sarah is the first member of the band! And Claudia is out.

>> Sarah is in the band LaViVe

Pity! The nice Inés is expelled from the show. Additionally, available band names for the girl band will be announced.

>> What happened to “Popstars 2010: Girls forever”?

Now Isabelle has it: the Swiss opera voice has to go home. Esra is totally unpopular and Meike collapses.

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Missing candidates for “Popstars 2010: Girls forever.” Where are Jessy and Betty?

>> Pop stars: what happened?

Featured Visit to the Girls from “Popstars 2010: Girls Forever”: Robbie Williams Determines Four Favorites, Jury Sends Girl Home

>> Robbie Williams at Popstars 2010

For Rosalie, the dream of the pop stars is over: yesterday she had to pack her suitcase. Paul Potts makes the candidates cry!

>> Rosalie is out

For Sash and Angel-Ann, the dream of the pop stars is shattered. Did pretty Sash really steal for revenge?

>> Sash and Angel-Ann are out

All against one: Rosalie can stay, Maria has to pack! Tears flow during the makeover and rags fly into the band’s house.

>> What happened to Popstars 2010?

Now the bitter terror with the “Girls Forever” pop stars is just beginning: Loft à la youth hostel, unloved online candidates and jealousy dramas.

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After the “mixed duo” experiment with Some & Any failed catastrophically, the producers struck a deal Pop Stars 2010 going back to tried and tested: Detlef D! Soost is looking, together with the new jurors, that “Happy”-Front woman Marta Jandová and music producer Thomas Stein, under the motto “Girls forever” a girl band.

Just in time for the Queensberry drama, Gabby and Leo announced their separation from Vici and Antonella on July 7, a group of girls will once again try their luck.

For the ninth time, pop stars are looking for the best dancing and singing talents in Germany. But in the past only girls were really remembered. “Whether it’s No Angels, Monrose or Queensberry, girl bands have always been the most successful in POPSTARS, so now we tell this story in more detail.”, explains Detlef D! Soost.

The “sponsorship concept” is also maintained: every week, different stars such as B. Aura Dione, Marit Larsen or Monrose are next to the candidates. What’s new is that in the end four great live shows in which the winning group is chosen by the spectators through telephone voting.

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