Popstars: ¡El jurado ha sido determinado!

Popstars: The jury has been determined!

Popstars: The jury has been determined!

Who’s there?

wantedon 06/12/2015 | 16:17

The news that RTL II will bring the cult casting show “Popstars” to the television screen after a three-year slumber fell like a bomb in March. After all, many fans still like to remember the format that groups like No Angels, Bro’Sis or Monrose produced, among others. It is now known which jurors will be looking for a successful new band in the upcoming 11th season of “Popstars.”

While it’s only been known for about three months that “Popstars” will celebrate a return to television, planning for the next season is already in full swing. After all, it won’t be long before the top talents have to face the jury’s verdict. Next summer, “Popstars” will air for the eleventh time, and now it’s also clear who will sit behind the jury panel.: Miracle of the voice Stefanie Heinzmann, urban music star Miss Platnum and choreographer Bella García should discover the members of the new band.

Popstars: They’re looking for the new girl band!

The producers make it very clear that this year the “pop stars” are all women’s business. After all, the three ladies of the jury are said to have formed a new girl band at the end of the season. In any case, RTL II is firmly convinced that the trio, sitting in a jury chair for the first time, will succeed. “Stefanie Heinzmann, Miss Platnum and Bella García inspired us from the first moment and are a great asset for the new ‘Popstars’. Real characters and strong personalities who can give candidates exactly the support they need from ‘Popstars,’ “said program director Tom Zwiessler in a press release.

Pop stars: Stefanie Heinzmann seeks authentic characters

Stefanie Heinzmann in particular should be of special help to the talented “Popstars”. After all, the sympathetic Swiss woman has already gained a lot of experience in casting on the Raab show “SSDSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD” and, in addition to her voice, she was able to mark above all with her honest demeanor, a trait that the 26-year-old will also look for in “Popstars”. “I hope to find girls and women at Popstars Academy who really love music and don’t seek success first. Above all, I want authentic people for the band who are curious and open and who are not afraid to work hard on themselves, ”revealed Stefanie Heinzmann.

Even if we’re a little sad that “Popstars” probably won’t see Detlef D! Soost will give, we are sure that RTL II made the right decision with Stefanie Heinzmann, Miss Platnum and Bella Garcia. To our liking, it could start tomorrow …

Image source: © RTL II