#Orar por Paris

#Pray for Paris

#Pray for Paris

Social media and the Internet respond quickly to such things. But not everyone finds profile photos in Tricolore colors to be the correct sign: “We should pray for victims around the world, not just those in Paris.” Users complain that Facebook is not introducing features like this for other cruel things in other countries: “It seems that the blood of the people of the Western world is worth more than that of others.”

too #Pray for Paris As a hashtag was criticized, after all, ISIS is carrying out precisely those attacks in the name of religion and its beliefs. So why do you have to re-associate a hashtag with prayer, a religious act? In the opinion of many Internet users, that would be simply wrong.

In addition to all the negative voices, it is still a nice sight to see how people from all over the world connect to cry together and show sympathy. It doesn’t matter if with the hashtag #PrayForParis or a Facebook profile photo, which disappears behind the French national colors.

Against hatred, agitation and anger, for love and peace!