Schwangerschaftsgymnastik klingt öde? Das sind die Vorteile

Pregnancy gymnastics: can’t I just do sports?

Schwangerschaftsgymnastik klingt öde?  Das sind die Vorteile

Do I have to adjust my exercises during pregnancy?

Yes. Even if you exercised before you got pregnant, you will have to scale down your gym exercises to accommodate your growing uterus. It is best to follow specific exercise instructions for pregnant women.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, it is important to avoid overheating. Starting at the 11th week, you should also avoid exercises that involve lying on your back or standing in one place for a long time, as both can reduce blood flow to the baby.

What sports are not suitable?

Sports that have a high probability of falling / kicking hard and / or easily losing balance. This includes horse riding and water skiing. And most doctors and midwives advise against riding a bike after the second trimester of pregnancy, even if you are an experienced cyclist, there is a risk of falling. That is why pregnancy gymnastics is always recommended as a sport, as the risk of injury is very low in comparison.