Embarazo: GZSZ-Miriam sale

Pregnancy: GZSZ-Miriam comes out

Pregnancy: GZSZ-Miriam comes out


Just a few days ago he dropped the bomb: actress Luisa Wietzorek is nine months pregnant. Now the announcer has confirmed that her role as Miriam will not return.

Your roll

You played the wrong game! In February, Miriam appeared in the Kolle-Kiez, introduced herself as the missing sister of Paul Wiedmann, but then it turned out that Miriam is just a journalist who wanted to complete her novel about a missing girl. He investigated with the Wiedmanns and his novel became a best-seller. When Paul learned the truth, his world collapsed. Because he had hoped he had finally found his sister again.

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Miriam’s future

Actress Luisa Wietzorek has now revealed that she was pregnant on the set of the series and will soon give birth to her baby. So will you return after the birth of your child? No, reveals an RTL spokesperson to Ok magazine: “His role and his story were filmed with us. The ending was dramatically created months ago. We were also surprised, happy, and we wholeheartedly wish Luisa the best. “They were very satisfied with her:” Luisa did her role in an excellent way, she created many exciting moments and she was very well received. “

What do you think of his departure? Do you think it’s good that the topic is finally closed because Paul can now look forward again? Or do you find it strange that Miriam was not held accountable at all? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments on Facebook.

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