Prepago: Próximamente empezará la tarifa anual con 5G en la mejor red por menos de 100 euros

Prepaid users charge a quarter of a million euros and must be paid

Prepaid: The annual rate with 5G on the best network will start soon for less than 100 euros

A prepaid campaign launched many years ago now costs Telefónica a lot of money. Prepaid credit collected must be paid to a customer.

A Telefónica customer made excessive use of an outdated O2 offer for many years and raised more than € 200,000 with more than 500 prepaid cards. Due to a campaign with certain SIM cards, SIM card holders were only able to get 2 cents of credit for each incoming call, but in the end they made up the majority of incoming calls. One savvy customer took advantage of network-wide flat rates and automated applications long after the forgotten campaign began.

The client collects prepaid credit for the value of a condominium

In recent years, however, the question has arisen as to whether Telefónica has to pay the customer the prepaid credit charged expensive and not entirely fair. Although the practices employed seemed unfair, they were clearly not prohibited. The prepaid product offered many years ago was simply not designed for the future where users could easily take advantage of it.

After a long legal battle because O2 or Telefónica had the obsolete cards blocked and canceled, but did not want to pay the loan, a court dismissed Telefónica’s appeal. Now approximately € 225,000 must be paid to the customer. Enough to buy some property for old age. Smart.