Preparación para el peinado: imprimaciones para el cabello y su función

Preparation for styling: hair primers and their function

Preparation for styling: hair primers and their function

Styling aid

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So far, you probably only know the term “primer” in relation to makeup. Here, the beauty product serves as a base, which is applied to the face before actual makeup and creates a fresh and even complexion. Foundation, rouge and co. They can be applied more precisely to this primed surface and also last much longer than without a primer. But, did you know that there are primers not only for the complexion but also for the hair? You can find out how to use them and what they do here and in the photo show.

Not only the face, but also the hair must be prepared for an upcoming beauty program. Intensive styling, blow drying, straightening and spraying can damage even the healthiest hair in the long run. As a preparation for styling, primers in the form of oils, sprays or creams promise some positive and effective effects on hair.

Why use a hair primer?

“If you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer”: this old saying is applied too often to our hair, which has to endure a lot of styling stresses every day. The strong heat from hair dryers and straightening irons, mechanical stress from excessive styling or tight bundling, and the use of styling products like hairspray, gel, and other products can permanently leach hair and make it brittle.

Hair primers can be used as a basic beauty product to make styling easier, hair is not overly stressed, and a beautiful long-term styling result can be achieved.

Effects before and after styling

The effects that primer products have on the hair are used both in the preparation and in the post-processing of the current hairstyle. For example, primers can be used preventively as protection against heat by placing a thin film around the hair and preventing it from drying out.

In addition, many primer products contain rich ingredients that restore stressed and cracked hair, similar to a repair cure, and take intensive care of it, so this post-styling stress can also be better coped with.

The care effect makes hair look shinier and healthier in the long run, meaning the hairstyle looks smoother and more beautiful without annoying frizz or visibly unruly and protruding hair.

Some primers also ensure that the hairstyle remains firm even without the use of hairspray in large quantities. Also, restorative ingredients like a mousse should add more volume to the hair.

This is how primers are applied

Most primers are applied to towel-dried hair after washing and applied with your fingers from roots to ends. In some cases the product washes off after a short exposure time, in others it simply remains on the hair as a leave-in care product. The hair can then be blow-dried and styled as usual.

The right products and the most important facts about hair primer styling aid can be found in our photo display.

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