Estrellas de "Pretty Little Liars" devastadas

“Pretty Little Liars” stars devastated

Stars of "Pretty little liars" devastated

Last day of shooting

On the set of “Pretty Little Liars,” it’s time to say goodbye. After seven years and seasons together, the actors became particularly emotional.

For the stars of “Pretty Little Liars,” the last day of shooting ends a stage in their lives. Being together in front of the camera for seven years has left its mark on everyone and brought new friends. Consequently, the actors say goodbye to each other and their fans. Lucy Hale posted a handkerchief alert on Instagram in which she wrote: “The day has come when I have to say goodbye to my second home, a character that has already shaped so many people who mean the world to me. Bittersweet feelings today, but I’m very proud of what we did. “

Even Shay Mitchell can hardly believe the ending of the “Pretty Little Liars” series. She shared a photo of herself, the cast, and a large cake with a clapperboard that reads “Later Bitches” on Instagram. She also wrote on the platform, “After seven seasons, we’ve definitely all perfected the ‘Oh shit, we’re in trouble’ look – deer staring into the spotlight.

The fans are heartbroken

Of course, the actors are not only sad because “Pretty Little Liars” has ended, the fans also express their emotions. One user responded to Shay Mitchell’s post: “Neeeeeiiiiiiinnnnn !!!!!! I will not allow this to happen! It must not end ”, accompanied by crying emoticons and broken heart emojis. Another fan even admits: “I love you girls. Thanks for changing my life. I will miss you.”

We too can only hold back a tear with great difficulty. What should we do now without “Pretty Little Liars”? Well, there is still a small consolation. The seventh season will only air in Germany in January 2017. As long as we pretend nothing happened.

Image Source: Getty Images / Frederick M. Brown