"Pretty Little Liars" con una gran revelación

“Pretty Little Liars” with a big reveal

"Pretty little liars" with a big reveal


Many fans are heartbroken that “Pretty Little Liars” is nearing its end with the final season. To increase the anticipation of the latest episodes, Hanna Marin AKA Ashley Benson made a spectacular announcement!

And that concerns a very special mystery that runs through the entire series. “A,” the supervillain, whose identity has yet to be revealed in “Pretty Little Liars,” will finally be shown. Until now, viewers have been allowed to practice as detectives to find out who is behind the mysterious villain, and have been repeatedly fooled the wrong way.

But with Ashley Benson now promising “Huffington Post,” fans of the series shouldn’t look questioning the tube at the end. After nearly seven seasons of “Pretty Little Liars,” the final ten episodes finally come to the rescue. Between murders, conspiracies, and of course a lot of love dramas, “A” kept showing up to threaten friends Hanna, Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Alison.

Hanna always knew

For Hanna actress Ashley Benson, the big reveal apparently doesn’t come as much of a surprise. She confessed that she had met the killer six months ago, long before she had the script in her hands. “I think everyone knew somehow who ‘A’ was before we shot the final. Everyone asked someone and found out… I’m really impatient and I love to know everything, so I had to find out ”, confessed the beautiful woman in the conversation. However, fans will have to wait until April 2017 when the latest episodes of “Pretty Little Liars” will air.

With such an announcement, the tension builds for the finale of the great series. We can’t wait to finally expose the bad guy!

Image Source: Getty Images for the People’s Choice Awards / Smallz & Raskind