Nuevo: Discover en la aplicación de Google se está rediseñando nuevamente

Price comparison: Google likes to stay ahead

New: Discover in the Google app is getting redesigned again

Google has to fight a complaint again, more than 41 price comparison portals are taking action against Google Shopping.

Google is the home page of many Internet users, especially in Europe, little happens of the company and its search engine. What Google controls through its search is only suspected, but not officially known in detail. However, some Internet portals compete directly with Google, including websites to compare prices. Now a whopping 41 companies have jointly filed a complaint against Google Shopping.

Price comparison: Google prefers itself

Miser, Idealo and company feel at a disadvantage. When it comes to price comparison, Google should ruthlessly exploit its market power. Because Google always places its own shopping feature at the top of search, competing platforms are automatically downgraded.

“Google is using its monopoly position in the search engine space mercilessly and is putting price comparison platforms under immense pressure. Google’s current practices not only put thousands of jobs at risk across Europe, but end consumers also pay higher prices. “

Google guides users to their own price comparison and from there directly to online stores. Not even 5% of Google users should end up on another comparison platform if they want to compare prices. Google’s price comparison isn’t comprehensive enough either; the bottom line is that users would pay almost 14% more.

It is not the first complaint about Google Shopping; the internet giant has even had to pay billions in fines.