Prince Albert: su plan para el primer cumpleaños

Prince Albert: his plan for the first birthday

Prince Albert: his plan for the first birthday

Twins celebration

Thorsten trederon December 4, 2015 | 17:19

In a few days the time has come: on December 10, Prince Albert and his wife Charlène will celebrate the first birthday of their twins Jacques and Gabriella. But what can the two brothers expect on their big day? Are you looking forward to a big party or a small celebration in close family circles? In an interview, Prince Albert himself brought light to darkness …

In the 57 years of his life so far, Prince Albert has already experienced a lot, but next Thursday the Kings of Monaco can look forward to a completely new experience: for the first time, he will celebrate his birthday with his children Gabriella and Jacques. In view of this, it is not surprising that the proud father definitely does not want to miss this important moment and keeps the day of honor of his offspring together with his wife Charlène largely free. “We can go to school with the children, but that will happen in the morning. We will spend the rest of the day exclusively with the family ”, revealed Prince Albert to“ People ”magazine.

Prince Albert is planning a family day

There won’t be a wild party with countless guests on the twins’ first birthday. Instead, Prince Albert and Charlène want to spend the day like a normal family and, for once, leave royal duties behind. “The day is reserved for the family. I have no other appointments. We just want family time, ”reported Prince Albert, who has been married to his wife Charlène since 2011.“ I want to take some photos and shoot some movies with them. So it will just be a family day. “

Prince Albert: What will he give the twins?

Before Prince Albert can sit back and relax, the head of the Grimaldi family faces a major obstacle: he has to get Jacques and Gabriella a suitable gift. “I have a few things on my mind, but I haven’t really decided whether to give them something meaningful to stay with for years to come or just give them better toys than the ones they already have in daycare. I guess I could do both. I probably should, ”Prince Albert said, explaining his plans.

Even a busy monarch like Prince Albert earned himself some rest and family time on his children’s first birthday. We hope the family enjoys the day. Perhaps the prince will reveal later which gift he finally decided …

Image Source: Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain