El príncipe Alberto quiere ser interpretado por Vin Diesel

Prince Albert wants to be played by Vin Diesel

Biopic interpreter

wantedon 08/20/2015 | 16:16

Prince Albert has been regent of his homeland, Monaco, for more than 10 years. In addition to all the political and family life with Charlène and the two children, the monarch has never left any doubt that his heart also beats for sports. After all, Prince Albert used to participate in the Olympics as a bobsleigh rider. The 57-year-old is happier that his unusual road from prince to Olympian is being filmed soon …

Prince Albert: His sports career is being filmed

“It’s beyond your imagination – Jamaica has a bobsleigh team!” Thanks to the cult comedy “Cool Runnings,” the history of Jamaica’s first bobsleigh team has long since become a general cultural asset. In the past few decades, Jamaicans were by no means the only exotic people to go down a toboggan run. Prince Albert of Monaco also founded a bobsleigh team in 1988 and competed a total of five times in the 2002 Winter Olympics. Although the then prince never topped 25th place and was far from any hope of a medal, the exciting story about the Monegasque bobsleigh team around Prince Albert will now be filmed.

However, the film, which is currently being planned under the working title “Royal Ice,” should not be a copy of “Cool Runnings.” “We are not trying to copy ‘Cool Runnings,’ which is an excellent film,” explained Prince Albert in an interview with “People” magazine. Also, the idea of ​​filming his sports career didn’t grow on its own shit. Instead, Mark Thomas, a former member of the Monegasque bobsleigh team who now works as a screenwriter, had the idea to make a film out of the extraordinary story of the heir to the throne, an idea that he has now also been able to convince the prince of. Alberto.

Prince Albert: Who can play it?

Vin Diesel: Will you be playing Prince Albert soon?

Hence, Prince Albert is now supporting his former teammate as much as possible on the long road to the movie premiere. After all, the strip should only flash across the world’s screens in 2018, on the 30th anniversary of the first Olympic start. It has yet to be decided who will be allowed to play the monarch, even if Prince Albert already seems to have someone in his eyes. “I really don’t have a favorite. Perhaps Vin Diesel or someone else who tends to be a bit bald, ”the Monegasque head of state revealed with a wink.

Vin Diesel wouldn’t have to change his hairstyle if he was acting like Prince Albert. But is the muscular action star really the right choice to play such an extraordinary plot?

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